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Products List & Guidelines

Basic guidelines and product list.

Soon I’ll be launching my own line of COMPLETELY natural, ORGANIC and animal/environmentally friendly “beauty” products. Affordable, customized for your needs and handmade to assure every product is perfect.
*¡*¡ WHO else provides your ideal beauty products, customized, handmade, using all organic/cruelty-free WITH your own personal instructions?
So… Email *now* to get your free consult, rush delivery and you’ll a 50% off coupon.
(Valid one item of lesser value).

Hair- *all hair types. Simply include hair types/issues and your product(s) will be customized.
(Additional fees may be issued depending upon the level of your needs):

Body soap (no exfoliate)
Body soap (with *mild* exfoliate)

Handmade shampoo soap
Handmade conditioner
pH Balanced hair treatment/hair mask
Aftercare treatment (add to wet/dry hair. Instructions always included)

Body butter (the best soap ever)
Body butter with tint (temporary)
Body butter with bronzer

All natural (safe for all hair types) hair dye

Face mask
Face scrub

Bath bomb

Plastic (recycled) with custom labeling
Glass with custom etch labeling
Glass, custom stained (handmade) with custom etching

Lavender, coconut, no additional scent, vanilla, chocolate and warm honey are always stocked. Anything can be ordered/mixed. There is rarely any additional fee. Additional fees (or lack of) will be discussed prior to your product(s) creation
All products (using natural, organic coloring methods) WILL not interfere with your product. We ask, that if you decide to customize your products color (ie:shampoo) you choose very mild colors or colors that correspond with your product (ie: requesting a more vivid shampoo bar that is lavender scent and lavender exfoliation is a reasonable request and NO additional fees would apply).

(Please keep in mind that due to natural and organic nature of the product offered if you request a specialized product added there may be a delay to have your product ordered. )

Everything is certified organic and natural. Everything is handmade and has previously been tested (on willing humans ;). No reported issues (ie:allergies) so, if you are requesting an additional product be added to the current product make note for a *small* or *sample* be included. Though, using the best quality, nontoxic, and all organic products are not likely to cause any reactions, it is a safety precaution and warning to include in your consult if you’ve never used a certain product before OR IF YOU HAVE ANY PRIOR ALLERGIES.

**palm tree oil is only used when coming from an environmentally friendly source, as with every product.


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