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All natural, cruelty free candles. Popular scents: coffee (aka the Rebel secret scent), lavender, sandalwood, mint/lavender, melon,patchouli, peppermint,ginger Candle sizes: Tea Light (6min to purchase) Mini pillar (about 2″ in height and a 2.5″ diameter) Semi-pillar (doubles the height and diameter from that of the mini) 3 wick round *we tested this guy out! Needed… Continue reading Products List & Guidelines Home Decor

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Products List & Guidelines

Basic guidelines and product list. Soon I’ll be launching my own line of COMPLETELY natural, ORGANIC and animal/environmentally friendly “beauty” products. Affordable, customized for your needs and handmade to assure every product is perfect. *¡*¡ WHO else provides your ideal beauty products, customized, handmade, using all organic/cruelty-free WITH your own personal instructions? So… Email *now*… Continue reading Products List & Guidelines